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Worship Center Services for the Year 2021
The Worship Center Services offers an integrated environment for a wide range of individuals and families experiencing a variety of faith-based life transitions. They offer basic responsibilities to maintain a worship facility such as equipment, flooring, heating, electrical, plumbing, and decor; meeting space including multipurpose rooms and boardrooms; meeting rooms with internet access; reception areas; a building code; and administration support for the entire congregation. In addition, the services also include emergency preparedness, providing sanctuary for those who are displaced by crises or natural disasters, following disasters, or attending school. There are also emergency preparedness skills training, disaster recovery, food storage, and emergency communication skills development. The Center has a staff of volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to serving in these various capacities.

As the Worship Center Services serves a growing community, it was important to provide a message of hope for our community and those who have been displaced or impacted by disasters. The symbolism of hosting a “Hear Word” Service on the anniversary of the declaration of the Worship Center as a nonprofit charity, reflecting upon the journey of our ministries have made sense our founding, serves as a reminder of our spiritual, physical, and psychological journeys thus far. This anniversary provides an opportunity for us to reflect upon the journey of ministry and to encourage others to reach out to share their faith and their family’s faith. It is a time to celebrate the incredible growth that our services have witnessed and the incredible impact of our ministry has had on the lives of so many.

To celebrate the success of the Worship Center’s mission, the Board of Directors took the time to consider several key issues that relate to the service and its purpose. One of the most important keys to the success of the Worship Center is its ability to attract and retain a high level of diversity…read volunteer leaders. In order to attract and retain a large diversity of volunteer leaders, we have had to develop an effective communication strategy that effectively addresses issues related to faith-based education and outreach. Another key issue we have had to address is our ability to provide training in core values, the role of women in ministry, and how our ministry has an impact on the lives of children and families…read volunteer leaders.

In order to continue the success of our ministries, we have decided that the next year’s goal will be to expand our Volunteer Management and Marketing Teams. In order to accomplish these goals, we are developing and implementing an effective strategic plan. This strategic plan will define our role and objectives, outlining the basic responsibilities and goals of this ministry, as well as the scope of our volunteer management and marketing activities.

As this plan develops, we will also evaluate our annual budgeting and financial management practices ensuring that our organization is capable of meeting its goal of assisting communities in the area of worship and the continuing growth and maintenance of our relationships with our membership. We will evaluate our communications, volunteer management, and volunteer leadership skills and will implement specific measures to increase our effectiveness in these areas. We will have a specific goal for the next two years, as this plan is developed, to achieve the purpose of this ministry is to minister to the lost and lonely. Our vision is to build a community of people who share the love of Jesus and who will dedicate their lives to the Lord. The primary objective is to strengthen the brothers and sisters in the body of Christ in all the regions of the earth where His presence is known. This goal is also referred to as our ministry to the nations.

The next objective is to expand and enhance our Sunday worship service in light of our vision and mission statement. We want to reach more families, more individuals, more church members, and more individuals throughout the world. Through our planning and organization efforts, this ministry will continue to grow in numbers each year. I would like to invite you to read this year’s ministry goals and objectives for the next two years. You will be happy and impressed with the direction this ministry is taking.

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